untitled by EMMYLAND on Flickr.

nice skyline

I like that combination.

Caitlin, Starbucks. on Flickr.

Caitlin, Starbucks. on Flickr.

Mumford and Sons - Lover’s Eyes

Another new song, which was played in the IHeartradio set.

Hopefully it’ll end up on their new album, because it’s one of their greatest :) 

But hold on to what you believe in the light
When the darkness has robbed you of all your sight

Mumford and Sons

00:38 9/8/2011: Camden Town, London by pixel.eight on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
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As looters and rioters smashed up shops, looted and fought with police in Camden Town, Philippa Morgan-Walker, 25 and her husband, Jonny Walker, 31, made tea for the police who were protecting their street. Some of the officers had been on duty for more than 30 hours.

Incredibly kind people, doing what they can to make some good out of this hard situation London is in at the moment.Walker’s I salute you :)

Beirut - Postcards From Italy

This song is one of my favourites by Beirut, with good reason.

You can tell that the song was for his wife, who he shows his love to so dearly. 

Festival feel. on Flickr.

Ellie in the field.

We took this a few months ago, the shoot was amazing, we got a lot done. We even did a practise interview :L

This is probably the best edit so far.

Vincent Van Gogh. 

I dream of painting, and then I paint my dream.

I believe he was a great man, with great problems to bear. 

Favourite paintings. 


Mumford & Sons (unnamed new track)

I can’t wait for their new album, (if they have one coming out), Sigh No more would be hard to live up to. I really hope their second is even better. It’s that said this might be one of the songs on them, and the album might be on the shelves before the end of the year. Crossed Fingers everybody!!!

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